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In removing the files from your computer can be as easy as it seems. Sometimes you get an error message that says the file is in use by another application and can not be removed. What is the solution, then the solution is called Unlocker Portable: Prostoyinstrument that allowsNada get rid of those stubborn files that can not be removed in a standard way. Unlocker Portable is dead easy to use, though a bit different from the desktop version. QuickTime 7 7 Windows XP/7/8 Download Free Torrent Being portable version, this application is embedded in Windows, rather than blocked Explorer.Tomupravokliknetefile, you can choose from many prohramy.Vy be able to choose between deleting files, rename and copy or move it to another location. If the selected task can not be completed immediately, it will be completed in the next razkogda you restartirakomp’yutera.UnlockerPortable has no other options and configuration. It’s designed to do only one thing, but does it very well. If you often have problems with locked files, this tool vyshukayu.Za via Unlocker deletes files blocked etitvrdoglavidodadeniother applications or processes.

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