Thinking of representing yourself?

Let us prepare you with legal coaching!

What is Legal Coaching?

Courthouses can be an intimidating place, especially when you’re representing yourself. Some of that fear can be alleviated when you’re aware of your rights, responsibilities and you’re aware of what to expect. That’s why we offer legal coaching as an alternative to traditional legal representation. Legal Coaching is a process where an attorney works one on one with a party who is prepared to represent themselves in court. During these sessions, depending on your specific needs, an attorney works with you to apprise you of your rights and responsibilities as well as your options to guide you through the Divorce Court or Family Court process. Most importantly, we are prepared to assist you with the preparation of all your legal documents from your Divorce Complaint or Family Court Petition to your actual agreement or trial.

What are the Benefits of Legal Coaching?

Legal coaching provides many benefits. First, it saves you money. Traditional attorney represented matters would require you advance a significant sum of money from which your legal fees are deducted. However, with legal coaching, you purchase as much time as you will need in small packages which save you money off the attorney’s hourly rate. As always, any unused time is refunded to you at the completion of your matter. Second, because you are still a self-represented individual, you will attend all court events, saving money over having an attorney appear in court on your behalf. Here’s a recent example. The client went to Divorce Court himself. Travel time to and from the Court room our office would have been 30 minutes each way, and the attorney would have spent 3 hours in Court, although she only met with the Judge for 10 minutes. If the attorney charged $400 per hour, the cost of that full-representation attorney to go to Court and meet with the Judge for 10 minutes would have been $1,600 just for one Court appearance! If we represent you as a Legal Coach, we will tell you exactly what to expect will happen Court, and what you should say to the Judge. Savings of $1,600 over full-representation for just one Court appearance! Many Divorce cases involve 5 to 12 Court appearances!


Some of our Legal Coaching clients only require a session or two to consult regarding the terms of an agreement, while others may require far more consultation from the commencement of a Divorce or Family Court lawsuit up to trial. Most Legal Coaching initial retainers are only $1,750, which is fully refunded to the extent not used. An example of where Legal Coaching may make great sense is where the Client wants to fight for custody of their children. A full-service representation involving serious custody issues can easily involve legal fees of between $25,000 and $75,000 or more! But if the Client uses our firm as a Legal Coach to fight for Custody, the fees to our firm may be as low as $3,500 to $7,500 in many cases. Of course if the Client wants our firm to prepare the case for trial, wants us to prepare lengthy Marital Settlement Agreements, etc. the fee could be substantially higher, but always much less than the cost of full-service representation.

Call Now for a Personal Consultation to determine if Legal Coaching is right for you. The cost of a 30 minute Personal Consultation is only $150 and even that fee is refundable if you hire our firm within 30 days after your Personal Consultation! What have you got to lose?