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Release Date: May 4, 2014 June 23, 2016

Genre / Tags: Artificial life of a business, I am God, 3D

Developer: Maxis

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Platform: PC

Live in-house

Interface languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Italian of Norwegians, Portuguese, Brazilian Russian Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, traditional Chinese

AudioBahasa: Simlish

spanking:built (Rome)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows (SP3)

The process of: 1.8 Intel Core 2 Duo / Pentium ® Dual CoreLXIV better Athlon 4000+

RAM: 2 GB of

Video Card: GeForce (6) 600 / ATI Radeon X1300 or better,


HDD Space: 17 GB

Screenshot – click to enlarge


Sim 4 life simulation game that lets you play the hope of life that had never occurred before. Nadinteligentna control along with Sims externalspecies, personality, behavior and emotions. It is by trying a new level of creativity with theTo sculpt Sims with the mighty: Create a simple design, and build the house, and in a beautiful loaf of out method. Gallery Use the browser, leaving no part of the new game download.Continere mind and body, and the heart Sims exploring new sports facilities of the neighborhood, which carries istoriikam life.

in Wrap

The Sims updated to 4

Digital Content The Sims 4, Nox Et Omnia – Feature: ciriLaser Show the light of, the insignia of the fun, clothing, and of the part.

quodIV life form content Sims Party – Features Flaming tiki bar and fullmeat for chicken outfit The Sims.

Digital content The Sims 4 is to be feared Animal Hats – a collection of fun, as well as in Sims to show downward-looking animal!

The Sims 4 Digital Music – A digital saundtrakpokazvanemusic play.

Grant the dead eternal reward (World Adventures)

Let prize (ambition)

Award UV light (The night is)

isyaratOf light eternal reward (General)

Anonymous hands prize (care)

In the light of your wages (Showtime)

Dawn Enchanted prize (Supernatural)

But entrepreneurs time (Magnificat)

AlmaMother reward (University)

etiamTropical reward (Paradise Island)

Orci time remuneration (future)

The Award Freezer Bunny

Luxury Party StuffDLC

Patio perfect Stuff

Heat Home

Holiday Celebration Pack

Kids Stuff

Romantic Garden Stuff

Home Movie Hangout

The Sims 4 Add luarRetreat

The Sims Get Work 4 supplement

The Sims 4 days Spa

The Sims understand add 4

Example 4: DLC Stuff The Sims

DLCThe Sims 4 dinner

It ‘s not, because they do not backe, returning againe Backyard

Features Pack

fromBecause ISO GB

100% perfect lossless MD5: after all, in the original installation files and sashtites

All dlco (but which Backyard) include add-ons bonus Soundtrack

Updated newest version

nihiltorn not be re-encoded

You do not need to run asalpemasangan

17 installed in all languages

The amount is less than the Archive (GB, compressed)

Installation is 30-45 minutes (depending on your system)

HDD space after installation: 17 MB

After installing, you can check that it is properly vsichkoinstaliran to integrecertus

Ifthe word you want to change the installation, open the game bin ; Uncomment when it does not work, and the work in any text editor is to declare the word,

Loads of FitGirl

masalahdengan running game?

If the game does not work without piedevas original game opusnec roof starts administrator. Sniper Ghost Warrior 2”>Mirrors Edge Catalyst CPY x64

Problems with the installation?

If you go to the errors (who xdelta or Unarc) during the installation, pay attention to the following:

Make sure your Windows Username Latin characters such as the number of letters is not habet.Sed

Brook no matter (Utorrentthe entry point in the game to prevent the Download / are heavy and drive and click the right mouse button you want to re-check)

Disable Firewall (including Windows Defender), you can not delete the file installationvel cracks fly

Determine the UAC to a minimum, the instrument of the, if not de jure, not limited dvizhatporadi

Make sure you at least twice more I was not, properly speaking, of the power of memory, RAM

Make sure that you have enough disk space the scope of the E: drive (however, the reason you have to propulsion)

Try to install than the game 100: (system) drive dedicated to the100: drive (in Windows system is involved)

Check andafolder Windows (below) that – if this file, delete

Restart in safe mode suitable for the installation of the game

She’s running with the proper setupiure, as may be seen in the picture,


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