Second Opinions

For over 34 years, people have been coming to our law firm and asking us to give them a confidential "second opinion" on how their present attorney is handling their case. In much the same way as a patient will go to another doctor to have that second doctor give them a "second opinion" as to the correctness of the advice received from their first doctor, these divorce litigants are usually unsure about the experience or trial abilities of their present divorce attorney, or unsure about whether or not their attorney is properly preparing the case for trial, etc.

For over 35 years, we have offered people in this situation a confidential second opinion by an experience divorce practitioner. For a flat rate fee, which can range from $1,250.00 to as high as $5,000.00 on complicated cases (E.G. where deposition transcripts must be analyzed, business evaluation reports must be analyzed, etc.), we will review your entire legal file, including the pleadings, the deposition transcripts, all Court orders entered in your case, and all correspondence between you and your attorney and between your attorney and your spouse's attorney.

After conducting that thorough review of all of those documents, we will then write you an opinion letter in plain English, telling you what your present divorce attorney has done right, what he or she has done wrong, whether their mistakes can be corrected, and if so, the strategy that we would suggest to get your case back on the proper trajectory for victory. In addition, our flat rate fee includes up to 30 minutes spent in person or on the telephone discussing our opinion letter with you, and answering any questions you may have.

You may be surprised to know that in over 60% of the cases where we have rendered a second opinion, we have encouraged the client to stay with his or her present attorney! In those cases, we will frequently make up a list of recommendations as to exactly what the client must tell their present attorney to get their case back on track and ready for trial, if settlement is not feasible.

In 30% to 40% of those cases where we render an opinion letter, we candidly advise the client that they should consider retaining other counsel, whether our firm or another divorce practitioner with many years of experience in such cases.

In many cases, the client has expressed to us that our flat rate fee for our candid second opinion was well worth it to them for peace of mind. As a number of those clients have remarked "This is my only shot at a fair divorce settlement or trial, and I don't want to mess it up!"

In the 34 years since our firm has been existence, we have never breached any client's confidence by telling their present attorney that we have been consulted for a confidential second opinion. Rather, in those cases where the client decided to remain with their present attorney, their present attorney never found out that the client had even consulted us for a second opinion!

If you are worried that your present attorney may not be handling your divorce matter correctly, you owe it to yourself to consider having us render a second opinion on a confidential basis to make sure that your divorce case is being properly handled by your present attorney. It may be the best investment you have ever make!

The fee for a 30 minute initial consultation to discuss what you believe are the problems or possible problems with the way your present attorney is handling your divorce case, is only $150.00. If you retain our firm to render the flat rate opinion letter, your full consultation fee will be credited against the flat rate charge for that opinion letter. What have you got to lose?

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