Changing your attorney to hire us

People often come to our firm in the middle of a divorce to change attorneys. Courts do not generally look down on people that change their attorney. On the contrary, Courts are usually receptive to the new attorney’s arguments. Nothing says that you are unhappy like changing your attorney!

If the case is not going your way, or you are simply not “clicking” with your present attorney, or you simply do not feel comfortable with your present attorney, you can change your attorney and retain our law firm. Our law firm has devoted its practice to divorce and family law matters for 28 years. The odds are thus quite good that our firm has handled more divorces than your present attorney. In addition, our firm devotes itself exclusively to divorce and family law matters. We are not a general practice law firm that handles personal injury actions one day, real estate closings the next day, probate of a will the next day, etc.!

If your present attorney is not promptly returning your telephone calls, is not answering your questions in plain English, or is not keeping you abreast of all developments on your case, then you may wish to consider discharging your attorney and hiring our law firm.

How hard is it to change attorneys?

You simply come to our office and hire our firm as your new attorney. We then do the following:

  • We contact your prior attorney
  • We get the balance of any unearned fees from your prior attorney sent to you.
  • We have your file delivered from your outgoing attorney to our firm.
  • Obviously, we will not take over your case unless you pay us our retainer, which will vary depending upon the complexity of your case. However, we will try to obtain a refund of any monies that your prior attorney owes you. We get the file directly from your prior attorney so you do not have to speak to them ever again. We contact the Court and the adversary. There is nothing for you to do but come to our office, hire our firm and sign the Consent to Change Attorney form. We will make it a smooth transition for all!

What About Your Prior Attorney?

Prior attorneys are rarely upset about a client’s decision to change attorneys. To the attorney, it is a business that he or she is running and it is a personal choice that you have made. Your prior attorney, whomever he or she is, has no doubt heard of our firm and our reputation, and hopefully, it will not make or break that prior attorney to have you transfer your case to our firm. If your present attorney is not returning your telephone calls promptly, is not answering your questions in plain English, is not discussing his or her proposed strategy with you, or is not keeping you abreast of all developments on your case, you may wish to consider changing attorneys now.

Call us now for an immediate consultation at (718) 979-5200. The cost is only $150.00 for a 30 minute initial consultation. No one will ever pressure you in any way! We prefer to tell the client the truth about their case, and then we suggest that you go home and think it over. If you hire our firm within 30 days, we will credit your full consultation fee on your first invoice. What have you got to lose?